Frequently Asked Questions
Where are the weekend tutorials held?
The address of the tutorial classes is the: Sulgrave Club, 287 Goldhawk Road, Shepherd's Bush, W12 8EU.

What times are the classes?
Our Saturday classes run from 9:00 am - 11:00 am for the younger students and from 11:15 am - 1:15 pm for the 11+ students.
Our Sunday classes run from 9:00 am - 11:00 am for all students.

How much is a two hour group session?
The fee for the two hour group session, which includes one hour of English and one hour of maths instruction is £85 per lesson for the younger students and £90 per lesson for the 11+ children.

What are the sizes of the groups?
Our groups consist of a maximum of five children to one teacher and an assistant.

Do the children get a break?
The children are only there for two hours, so we feel they do not need a break. You may send your child in with a small bottle of water.

My child can't make the lesson on Saturday/Sunday, can they swap to the alternate day?
Your child may attend the lesson on the alternate day. However, we ask that you give us prior notice if you wish to swap the days.

Do you run lessons during the week after school?
We run small 11+ group classes during the week after school.

Where and what time are the week day classes?
The 11+ group classes are held in Brondesbury Park, NW2 4BY from 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm.

How much are the week day classes?
The fee for the week day classes are £90 per child, per lesson.

Can we have a group of 2-3 children for private tutoring at home and what would be the cost?
We do offer group tutoring for students at home. The fee due for these lessons are £90 per child, per lesson.

My child is sick and will miss the lesson, will I be refunded for the missed lesson or can it be made up during the week?
If your child is ill and unable to attend their lesson you will not be refunded for the missed lesson. We are also unable to make up the missed lesson during the week. In the event of sickness or emergencies the work from the lesson will be sent home for your child to complete.

I no longer want my child to attend classes, will I be refunded for the lessons s/he will not attend?
We require four weeks notice if you no longer want your child to attend classes. Four weeks fees will be deducted from any money you are due back if you fail to notify us.

Do you have tutors for private lessons?
A number of our experienced teachers are available for private tutoring sessions. However, they do get booked up from very early in the year.

Are children given homework to do?
There is almost always homework provided because some activities may not be completed  and we feel that homework during the week is good for students. However, their school work always comes first, so we do not expect it to be completed by a specific time.

What if my child is below the rest of the group in English/Mathematics?
All our teachers are extremely experienced and are classroom teachers, so we differentiate according to need. The work is engaging and of high quality.

Do you sometimes notice that tutorial classes are just too much for the child to cope with in terms of time and fatigue?
Sometimes students get a little tired after school, but they are always enthusiastic and ready to learn on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Experienced teachers know how to change/adapt and balance activities so that children feel energised.

What level does my child have to be at to start classes?
Children have to be able to read and write before starting classes.

My child will sitting entrance exams next January, when do you recommend they start tutorial classes?
We recommend children attend at least two terms of tutorial classes to build their confidence and practice.

How will I be kept informed of my child's progress?
Once a term we have parent conference calls, where you will be informed of your child’s progress and areas that need to be focused on.

My child attends state school, can s/he still attend your weekend or week day classes?
We take children from both state and private schools.

Can my child have an assessment before deciding on the best step?
We recommend children attend an individual assessment to ascertain their levels before starting tutorial classes or private tutoring.

My child is in year 4/5 can s/he still attend tutorial classes?
We have 9+ and 10+ groups at the Sulgrave Club supporting children in English comprehension, extended writing and mathematics.

Do you run classes during the holidays?
We run short four day courses in late August and late December. During the October half term, we run a four day course for 11+ children.

Do you offer consultancy?
If your child is registered with Brandenburg Bent Tutorials, we will contact you with a date and selection of times for you to choose from when you can speak to Sherry to discuss your child’s progress.  Alternatively, you may contact us by email if you have any questions or concerns regarding your child.

We also offer consultancy meetings for parents not registered with us. Please contact us to book an appointment.